BSA Pack # 226

Uniform Guide

PACK 226 Uniform Guide - PDF version of this guide and Excel shopping list at bottom of page

These are the things that help turn a boy into a Cub Scout! Uniforms, patches, and handbooks can all be purchased online, or locally, via these links. Other items are either provided by the Pack, or must be purchased separately. Please contact a Pack 226 leader if you have any questions.

Scout Store in Raleigh:



1. Class A Uniform - To be worn to all Den Meetings, Pack Meetings and most Scouting Events

- A Cub Scout Uniform Shirt

  • Blue for TIger, Wolf & Bear Rank
  • Tan for Webelos Rank
- A Cub Scout Belt
  • Navy web belt for Tiger (either Tiger or Cub buckle)
  • Navy web belt for Wolf & Bear (Cub buckle)
  • Navy web belt for Webelos (to fit belt loops, Cub or Webelos buckle)
- Cub Scout Shorts/Pants/Switchbacks (pants with zip-off legs)
  • Blue for Tiger, Wolf & Bear
  • Green for Webelos
- A Cub Scout Neckerchief and Slide appropriate for Rank
- A Cub Scout Hat appropriate for Rank
- Cub Scout Socks
 - Required Patches
  • United States Flag - this patch comes already sewn onto all new Scout and Leader uniforms.



  • Council Patch - this patch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to indicate that Pack 226 is in the Occoneechee Council.

  • World Crest - this patch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership in the World Scouting Movement

  • Unit Numerals - red tab with white numerals only; worn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership in Pack 226.
  •  Den Patch - worn by all Scouts and Den Leaders to signify membership in their specific Den. (Den 1 is only an example. Please verify which Den your Scout is in before purchasing.)
  • Navy colored Epaulets - Only required for Pack 226 Leaders and Webelos
2. A Cub Scout Handbook - Appropriate for rank handbook used for working on achievements at home and all den meetings


3. Class B Uniform - Issued upon paid registration with the Pack. Worn to specific Pack Outings as designated, or whenever a little extra Pack Pride is needed.
4. Other required items:
  • Footwear appropriate for activity (sneakers, hiking boots)
Additional Information:
- Patch and Badge Placement
  • World Crest, Council Patch, Unit Numerals, Den Patch & Epaulets (if applicable) need to be purchased with uniform
  • Pack 226 purchases and distributes most event patches, belt loops, pins and rank badges
  • Additional information regarding the correct placement of badges can be found in Cub Scout handbooks and at the Cub Scout Shop
  • Only official patches and badges may be places on the uniform.  Event patches may be worn as temporary insignia hung from the right pocket button.  Both vest and blankets are available for purchase at the Scout Shop for a more permanent display of your Scout's patches